cannas in winter

did Monty say to lift cannas and keep moist or to let them dry out overwinter?  do I leave them in their soil or clean off?


  • sotongeoffsotongeoff Posts: 9,806

    Do not let them dry out- certainly not to the extent as you would for dahlias-they need a bit of moisture to keep them going-so a bit of soil is good.

    I haven't tried the "keeping in a bin-liner" trick


  • Gary HobsonGary Hobson Posts: 1,892
    sotongeoff wrote (see)

    ...I haven't tried the "keeping in a bin-liner" trick

    I wasn't convinced that Monty had ever tried the "keeping in a bin-liner" trick before either.

    Similar to his novel suggestion of keeping his dahlias in vermiculite. I can't recall him suggesting either of those ideas last year.

  • hi he did say to cut them down, place them with some soil in a bin liner, wet the soil lightly and tuck them away somewhere frost free, hope that helps

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