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T&M offer July Lavender

Having read oyher threads about people being dissappointed by some of the offers I felt I should say how delighted I am with my Lavenders. They arrived this morning beautifully packed.They are tiny but 36 plants fally healthy and bushyor the £4.90 is wonderful value. They are really healthy and bushy.







  • donutsmrsdonutsmrs Posts: 479

    I totally agree with you, I received my Lavenders about 4 weeks ago and they are all growing into lovely strong healthy plants. They really are great value. image

  • I also received my lavenders yesterday and I am very happy with mine as well.  Good value for money, I have not had any problems with T & M at all, can only say good things about them.image

  • Me too, really impressed with sturdiness of the little plants
  • For ages I did'nt buy from T&M because of various problems but I sent off for the Lavender too. They arrived a couple of weeks ago and were in similar condition as yours, I was surprised and delighted. They're potted on and growing on well already in a mix of Perlite and MP Compost.

  • annie24annie24 Posts: 2

    Hi, I am a complete gardening novice, but am just getting into it ! I also ordereded the lavender and mine are great, however mine are quite tall and spindly, is this ok or do I need to do something to them to make them bush out?? sorry to sound so stupid, but as I said i am a complete novice, and grateful of any advice!!

    Thank you.

  • sotongeoffsotongeoff Posts: 9,802

    Have you potted them on?

    Just snips the tops out-that will make urge the production of side shoots.

  • i got mine some weeks ago and most of hte plugs had more than one plant in it so i have got almost double amount on the elgance sky and hidcot.. they are doing very well and now about 2 ins tall.. i have noticed lot of them for sale on e-bay..but i will be keeping mine for goin down the side of the path..


  • annie24annie24 Posts: 2
    hi, yes i have potted them, but will snip the tops out like you have suggested, and hopefully they will bush out a bit. thank you!!
  • KoalagirlKoalagirl Posts: 225

    Mine have not arrived yet. image

  • @koalagirl.. oh dear.. i did get letter to say mine would be delayed due to weather and bad growing season.. for a month.. so yours will be there soon... if not contact them..

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