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breaking up concrete base layer

Any recommendations on creating drainage?  the solid slab has been there forever,  could be the body of the previous gardner underneath for all I know.  I would like to break up the slab to create better drainage but wonder if it would be better just to put soil on top and let it drain away as it currently does.  Does anyone have any similar experience?

The area is enclosed on three sides has sun in the summer, very hot and dry, but a frost pocket in the winter.



  • Steve 309Steve 309 Posts: 2,753

    Get someone to give the police an anonymous tip-off that the previous gardener is buried under the slab.  They'll have it broken up in no time image

  • If I was you, i'd just take it out. Either get busy with some manual tools (wrecking bar, pick and sledgehammer) or hire a breaker. The breaker is noisy, and will vibrate you to death but its much easier than the former. I've taken out about 250sq ft of concrete in the last month using both techniques. Its fine when its only 2 inches thick, but when theyve laid it 8 inches, its hard work! Cost in the price of skips too. 

  • BizzieBBizzieB Posts: 885

    Neighbours dealt with similiar problem, used sledge hammer and picks. At times found a 'weaker' spot and  the concrete lifted more easily. Took three weekends but, as they said, "a swine of a job -  but worth it". 

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