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pansy and viola cuttings

Any tips on taking pansy and violas cuttings now


  • LynLyn Posts: 23,190

    I dont do cuttings but have just sown some seeds and they are up already.

    Gardening on the wild, windy west side of Dartmoor. 

  • seeds are by far the easiest. If you leave the plants they'll self seed anyway, but I'm being picky on mine and remove the seed pods just before they burst.

  • Ive always grown them from seed but wondered how successful cuttings were but seems like I had better stick to seeds - many thanks for all your comments. 

  • If you want to produce exact copies of the flower shape colour leaf etc  then you MUST take some form of cutting.

    As 100% of pansy and viola plants are hybrids they will never come true.from seed

    Many ways exist of taking and ROOTING one part of a plant to produce the exact

    same one (a clone)

    Some methods involve much time expertise and cost other ways are so simple that they even beat seed sowing in their simplicity.

  • Busy BBusy B Posts: 18

    Is it the right time to take cuttings and which is the best method



  • I am still taking some "irishman's" cuttings which are rooted slips.

    These are from basal shoots with roots already on them.

    Normal cuttings I do not think will root (takes at least eight weeks in  late summer or spring) this would bring you up to Christmas with all the problems of frost etc.

  • Busy BBusy B Posts: 18

    Many thanks will have a go at basal shoots with roots.

  • When I pinched out some of my violas to encourage them to 'bush out' I potted up the unwanted tips into a pot of compost and covered with a plastic bag each night (removed during the daytime). I now have a pot of healthy, flowering little viola plants.

  • Waste not  ..... etc.

    Tip cuttings will root if young and taken in the spring, later after flowering they become very difficult.

    The advice to increase stock is a good suggestion as is stopping the tips to increase the stems and therefore the flowers produced.

    After the first flush one can stop again cutting down to a couple of inches ( the chelsea chop ) mine  have been stopped three times this year, and I have now got a third flush of flowers with plenty more to come.

    They have been flowering since May , beats most other flowers in my garden .


  • I must say that I potted my 'pinched' cuttings about 5wks ago and so far so good

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