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Talkback: Plants for green roofs with soil depth 150mm

as a cubic meter of soil weighs 1.6 tonnes an average shed roof of size 3mx2m will have a load of approx 1.45tonnes will the shed roof take the strain? It will be more in the autumn and Winter when the soil is wetter.


  • The shed roof does not have to be made of soil, have you ever tried to grow cress on blotting paper or felt or a paper towel? the principle is the same on a green roof - unless you are thinking of growing potatoes or an oak.

    Just a note to consider, my neighbour has self-seeded sedum on her wall. It spreads into my garden every year, hundreds of little plants in my vegetable patch. I love to see it on her wall but the weeding drives me crazy. The same thing applies to grasses, tolerant neighbours are a must if you chose some self-seeding plants. is a current thread on shed building monthly, they are looking for green roof examples.
  • Fair point, but the weight is distributed evenly over the area of the roof and a baseboard of marine ply will reinforce the span
  • granmagranma Posts: 1,929

    House leeks will grow on a roof and there is a lot  of choice of these plants ,put them on and ignore them .

    you don't really need much of a base.

    Villagers in the olden times would plant these on their roofs ,  with folklore, comes a belief that pan tiled roofs planted with house leeks would ward off lightning.

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