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Funny Wildlife

Sitting in my mother's garden this afternoon a commotion in a cherry laurel made me look up. A sqiurrel was dancing through the branches gorging itself on the fruit to be watched by several fat woodpigeons who were sitting rather precariously on the firmer branches and looking rather envious at the sqiurrels good fortune. One of the pigeons then emboldened edged along a branch following the squirrel only to turn upside down on the branch followed by a clatter of wings and take off rather sheepishly. You had to see, it was hilarious and worthy of youtube.

I just wondered if any members have seen any other funny wildlife moments


  • Strangely enough, walking the dog yesterday, i saw a very pretty long haired cat lounging in a front garden, a squirrel then dropped almost on to this cat from nowhere! After a moment of what the heck just happened, they were off, tom and jerry style, sooo funny, i reckon the squirrel was bored! image
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