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Flies in my garlic plants

Hi All,

I planted some garlic for the first time (actually first time I have grown any fruit/veg) and they have been doing well. I believe they 'went to seed' a short time ago so I cut off the scapes (thought this was the right thing to do?). Last night I noticed one of the plants was covered in small flies (along a leaf and going into where I cut the scape off), so I pulled it up and through it away thinking it was a goner. However this evening, another one has sucumed to the same fate. I have some bug spray (Bayer Garden Provado Ultimate bug killer) - can I spray the plants with this? Should I have not cut off the scapes?

I also have rust on one plant - should I cut off the affected leaves? 

Thank you!


  • Alina WAlina W Posts: 1,445

    Provado isn't safe for edible crops, so don't use it. No, you shouldn't have cut the tops off, you should have left them and cut the flowers off to stop them flowering. The flies will now be getting into the bulbs and I don't think they'll be edible.

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