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I have many Phormiums  around the garden .I have bought   a   phormium  cream delight . The area I want to put it is dry sandy soil  in the shade . What I was thinking is if I plant it in a compost bag  make holes and filled with better compost  concealing it with more compost  .what do you think .this is to prevent it drying out .or will it get too wet etc


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    They like drier conditions anyway grandma, especially over winter. The shade will be more of an issue than the soil I think. It may lose a bit of it's colour which would be a shame. I have this one and it's particularly nice. Mine is in a raised bed in full sun although I mostly grow Phormiums in containers and I always make sure they have good drainage as we get a lot of rain. I'd add a bit of compost to your soil just to give it a boost, and retain a little more moisture if you're worried about it  image

    Is it the shade of a tree where it's going?

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    I will try and get a photo but yes it is the shade from trees  and hedge.we are considering taking some branches from the  big old apple tree and try to do something with the towering pine tree.then beyond this is fields. So I should get dappled shade 

    This is what I'm working on


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    It won't be the best site for a phormium but they're pretty tough. Just a thought  - I've found it to be a much more compact variety than many of the others, so it may be a bit lost there unless you have something else in behind it as well. That could be tricky with the conditions you'll have.

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    I had also wondered about adding a tall grass  too . This would complete the look  if there is one in white , to give a lacey effect as it is quite a deep corner leading on to broad borders either side. The hostas would also improve this part of the garden. 

    So verdun this is where you come in ,can I pick your brains please?

    You know your grasses! Gran


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    Hi Verdun, I had remembered your pics of grasses  and admired them.

    They  are all beautiful, it's with seeing them I knew you could best advise me,but can you remind me which thread .just come to me it could be your own thread of what's good in your garden ?

    I shall nip over and do a quick check ,and if I have it wrong check back here!

    Thanks again x

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