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Viburnum macrocephalum.



  • Jean GenieJean Genie Posts: 1,724

    Hi everyone and thanks for all your help. I've been off radar all day and have only just got back - so sorry for the late post. First of all excuse the spots all over the photos - its the fat balls - messy birdies.!

    Right , this is the chain of events.

    About 10 years ago I ordered a snowball bush from one of the plant sites - can't remember which one but something like Suttons or Jersey Plants . The above mentioned whatever arrived complete with a label to say it had been grafted . Not understanding much about that process I had a good google and tried to make sense of it . I duly planted the snowball bush and had 2 things growing together. Being a bit daft back then I decided to cut off the sucker which I believed to be the shrub it was grafted on to and  next thing I had this tree growing in its place but years later the original sucker came back - only tiny but I did recognise it as a viburnum so I tried to root it . It died . Only discovered this shoot a few days ago and as stated it's quite strong and healthy so I'm going to try again.  It's the biggest mystery ever and I am determined to find out what is going on ! the sucker which I believe to be the original snowball bush is without a shadow of a doubt growing from that blessed tree ! Am now on a mission. 

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