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Talkback: What's nibbling my Lilies?

I wondered if it was one of the many types of Shield Bugs!


  • I live near Newark in Nottinghamshire and I have seen noticed "new" beetles in my garden this year. Regarding the Lily beetle I have killed about a hundred this year and have had to wipe their disgusting larve off the Lily leaves and squash them, this is even after spraying the plants with the proper spray.
  • I live in France - outskirts of Paris and have this beetle everywhere in my garden. They particularly like my hollyhocks.
  • We live in Hungary, where it is hot and dry in Summer. Our soil is very sandy. These bugs are resident here and swarming all over our garden. They do not appear to do any harm.
  • We have been inundated with the lily beetle here in Ontario, Canada and it is spreading. We have tried spraying with hort. oil as it causes them not to breathe. They are picked off and squashed also, but they are soon back again. It is the larvae they leave that is the problem. This year, like others, I am cutting them right down after flowering, if the buds are not already ruined, and will spray the ground where they live. One lives in hope.
  • I had this one in my garden, I live in Somerset
  • I've not come across the black and red bug but last year I lost 50 per cent of my lilies to the red lily beetle rogues. So this year I decided not to have any lilies, which is a real shame although it has given me scope to buy lots of other plants (if I really needed an excuse). Every cloud does have a silver lining!
  • For the reason Tina gives, I could not face another season of squashing and wiping, I have enough to do chasing slugs and snails around at night! Does anyone know of any lilies that are immune? I see the RHS is conducting some research, which includes looking into biological control if anyone is interested.
  • I have also had my lillies almost destroyed this year by lily beetles. I have never seen as many before. Global warming to blame?
  • The beetles on my lillies are plain red. I have never seen them before, they just look like ladybirds but without the spots. They have eaten through all of the flowers, so how do I get rid of them?
  • We were in France this year for hols & saw these beetles (bugs). I have lillies & did not have one Lily Beetle this year - I seldom do! I live in Croydon.
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