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Schools back - time to do some weeding!

Kids go back to school tomorrow so time to get back out in the garden. Looking round today I found a couple of plants that I haven't seen before. 

Is anyone able to help with any ID's, please




 There may be some bindweed wrapped round this plant couldn't inspect too much due to nettles. hey ho. I'm child free during school hours now, need to throw myself into my garden to keep busy. 

Any advice gratefully received. thank you image



  • Both weeds the top one is some sort of persicaria (not sure of the spelling), cant remember the name of the second one, in my experience more wild flowers than weeds, if you like em, leave em be, they arent as much of a pain as some! image
  • Busy-LizzieBusy-Lizzie Posts: 23,811

    Both weeds, forgotten first, 2nd is black nightshade.

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  • okay thank you.  Hmm nightshade, am i right thinking poisonous ?  That will be coming out. thank you. 

  • Yes, nightshade is poisonous - the persicaria isn't though.  The spring flowering one (Bistort) grows round here in W Yorks and its young leaves are cooked and eaten with bacon - known as Dock Pudding.  (The world Dock Pudding championship is held every year in Hebden Bridge, the next town down the valley from mine.  It's an acquired taste though, and not acquired by me... image  and I'm not sure if the persicaria you have is edible, so I wouldn't recommend it!  Pretty though...)

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