Wysteria in a windy environment

If I was to plant a wysteria plant against a south facing wall in a coastal area in NW Wales where we do experience quite windy and breezy conditions is it likely to thrive or perish?

Would a climbing rose of a certain variety fare any better?

Many thanks in anticipation  for your advice. image 


  • I don't think you'd have any particular problems with planting wisteria on a south-facing wall - after all, we don't get much in the way of strong southerly winds in the UK - mostly north-westerly here, and I'm not far from NW Wales.  I think problems usually arise with those plants which have foliage all year round, & a south-facing wall might mean that any plant there would get damaged by winter sunlight on frosty leaves, which wouldn't be the case with wisteria - or roses, come to that!

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