How Tall are your Brussels Sprout

My Brussels Sprout seemed to have taken off like a rocket. I haven't done anything special to them to make them grow but they just seen to be very tall, they haven't even been bothered with Cabbage Whites either.  Here is photo with my husband stood by them, he is 5ft 7in. Has anyone else got tall Brussels or are mine just freakishly tall. 





  • Freakishly tall i would say! Mine are tiddlers in comparison, are they cropping yet? They cant be far off, what variety are they? image
  • Yes, the Brussels are starting to form nicely. The variety is Evesham Special and on the packet its says "A slightly shorter variety which makes it suitable for the more exposed site". Don't know what's happened but they are definitely not short.image

  • Its an odd year by all accounts! Your plants must be very happy, did you start them early? Mine didnt go in til June or later, not my plan, it just sort of happened that way! image
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    Excellent plants, donutsmrs and good news that Brussels are already forming!

    A friend of mine grew some which reached well over 8 feet tall from plants he bought at car boot stall but they produced no crop.  I think he was actually sold 'walking stick cabbage' (giant Jersey kale)! image

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  • I sowed them at the end of February in a heated propagator in the greenhouse.

  • My sprouts are Evesham special but are only 4ft 6ins. The sprouts are forming but last month two of the plants bolted. The same happened last year so I'm wondering if has something to do with heat.

  • Mine are really just getting going, i doubt it will be homegrown sprouts for crimbo! Will sow some earlier next year- lifestyle permitting! image
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