No, don't try to "divide" it. I would plant it now. ( I assume it was in a pot outside and not grown indoors). Prune in spring. Keep old flower heads....these help protect the emerging buds.


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    break23 wrote (see)

    A friend has given me a hydrangea, in excellent condition, which she has had in a very large pot for at least 6 years.  However, I do not want to keep it in the pot but want to plant it in my garden.  Should I be planting it now or leave it until the Spring?

    Also, is it likely I will be able to divide it and get extra plants?



    You cannot divide a shrub-propagation is usually from cuttings.

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    Never tried it-but found this -if you scroll down to propagation and click on seed it explains how


    It will take a while to get a flowering plant

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    Cuttings strike quite easily in late summer (I've got a cold frame full!).   I think the flowers of the mophead types are sterile - someone wll correct me if I'm wrong image

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