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Ride on mower / mini tractor - help!

....will be getting a ride on mower / mini tractor for his birthday at the end of Nov.  I've been to a couple of places that sell them and have got some basic info, but as this is a rather pricey gift I don't want to get it wrong!  So I was wondering if anyone could make any recommendations on brand and whether to go for a sit on mower or a mini tractor.  Chap in shop said the tractor was more 'butch'.... anyones expereince / advice very gratefully recieved - thanks ever so!


  • I think it depends on what he will be using it for! A mower is for mowing and a tractor not but it does have many other uses!  My OH has both lucky chap image.

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    Depends how big the garden is and if he wants to do more than mowing. Will he need a trailer eventually for garden rubbish etc.? Some tractors can take accessories, like scarifiers. Tractors are more expensive, so it depends on your budget.

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    Simple sit on mowers are generally best for smooth, flat lawns.  The one's that look like  a mini tractor are more rugged and can cope with bumpier terrain but won't be good on real slopes as they can topple.

    You can buy them with grass collectors, without grass collectors or with a mulching action which chops the cuttings up really fine and leaves them to feed the lawn.   We have one without grass collection as they always seem to get clogged and I spent more time unblocking the tubes on the old one than actually mowing.   Friends have the self mulching model and it is excellent but their grass is less lush than ours.

    Our new one is a Lazer.  It cost about €1000 3 years ago and should last 10 or 15 years.   I could have got a robot for the same price but OK was agin it.  I'll get one next time though as our grass area will be reduced in the next year or so.  

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    Thanks so much. Really useful.
  • Don't expect a mower to do the same work that a tractor will.

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    Went for the mini tractor and he loves it! Bright red and lots of fun! Pretty sure the grass will be cut a lot next year! X
  • I too am looking to buy  ( another ) sit on mower,the one I have has lasted 15 years,so reading about the Laser/Lazer  gives me something to look for.I have lots of flat land but don't want a bowling green.

    thanks everyone for the comments.

  • I had a John Deere 755 from 1987 to 2004 it worked and worked and never let me down.  It would take a mower between the front and back axle but I never had one.  I did use a 5' cutter bar mower on the pto which was very good for bracken.  It was worth its weight in gold.


    This was taken very early on before the front loader was fitted.

    I am sure you will get years of work out of the machine.


  • Thank you Malcolm, I don't want a tractor,finally got out of those when I retired,I just want a sit on mower,my old sit on mower is in the garage,I propose to sell it to someone who will spend a little money on it,but I prefer a new one.

    many thanks


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