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Poorly plant

Hi, three of us at work bought a Salix plant each, they are all in pots.

Two of the plants are doing very well but one is not now.  Recently the leaves have become quite dried up though the plant is watered regularly, being in a pot. There are new buds coming.

The garden is south facing so maybe its having too much sun?  Can anyone help with this problem to get the plant back on track.

Many thanks for your help, which is always greatly appreciated. Julieh.


  • PalaisglidePalaisglide Posts: 3,414

    Julieh, Salix or Willow is a tree and depending on which of the 500 odd types it is can grow quite large though some do manage in pots.
    Very wet or very dry conditions can cause leaves to discolour and buds to die back, there could also be something nibbling at the root ball.
    Whatever it is needs looking at so if possible drop the plant out of the pot and look at the roots, it may need a bigger pot, if so pot it on, check it is not water logged, see if there are any wee creatures in there. See if you can get the pot into a bit of shade, not full shade but probably out of the mid-day sun, (mad dogs and Englishmen, the only things that like it).
    I lost my quite old Willow to Honey fungus, they do seem prone to it although you would smell it if it had that problem.
    Leaving it may work but we gardeners usually cannot abide a mystery and most would investigate, looking at the root ball in a pot is usually the first thing we do.
    Hope all is well when you check often it may come down to a bit of feed and a little more water although I doubt that this year.


  • Julieh2Julieh2 Posts: 6

    Hi Palaisglide, thank you very much for that. We will check this out, and I think putting the plant out of the hot south facing sun might help. Mine is potted, but I am north east facing so it doesnt get the sun all the time and seems to be doing well.

    I appreciate your advice. Thank you very much.  Julieh


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