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Garlic in modules

As we have had continual rain up here in North Cumbria for ; well it seems like the whole year so far my ground is so waterlogged you could swim in my raised beds. no seriously the soil in my highest raised bed is wet and damp even on the surface so I have decided to plant my garlic in pots to overwinter them. I am hoping I can then get them into the ground in the early summer. I have looked up how to do this ( fairly simple really) but it does not say how much to water them. I am finding things in my cold frame are staying damp and not doing well at the moment so have them in my husbands workshop to dry out a little. So should I thoroughly water the garlic in my pots or just dampen them a little? Any advise very welcome.


  • Alina WAlina W Posts: 1,445

    Treat them like you would a flower bulb - make sure that they are thoroughly damp when planted, and after that only water if they appear dry. You shouldn't have to do much watering as the rain should take care of it for you, but the pots (provided that they are raised from the ground) should drain better than your beds.

  • Thanks for that advice I will get them planted up with the last of my tulips!!! well obviously not in the same pots but you know what I mean. We are promised a dryish day on Sunday so I will wait and see.

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