Hello everyone iv just started growing indoors and i planted a pepper seed, ( small pointy ones?) and its grown 7" under 24/0 light and has flowered but all the flowers have fallen off and all the new leaves are small and abit shrivelled, ? Why why why?


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    Probably too much light and certainly lack of pollination!
  • Ok with thanks
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    I find it is best to start bell peppers in February in a heated propagator on the South facing kitchen windowsill in good sowing quality compost. When they are 5 or 6 cm tall (and have a couple of true leaves) I pot them up into 10cm pots and put them in my greenhouse that has a frost buster, though you could just keep them in the house on a sunny windowsill.

    Then they need potting up into big pots when they have grown a bit more and at that stage, possibly April they will need a greenhouse, (you could use a cheap plastic one) for the light, and if there is still frost at night they will need either a heater or to be brought indoors overnight and then out in the greenhouse again the next morning. I know it sounds a bit of a faff, but it is worth it. At the moment I am waiting for the peppers to turn red, some of them have and then I know that it is worth itimage

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    Even though it's a bit late for growing peppers this is what I would try: repot in a 6 inch pot in a good potting compost.there will be sufficient food and nutrients in the compost so don't feed any more  as yet.put the plant in a light sunny position. It willl  help  if you can stand it outside for pollinating insects.your flowers probably fell off because they were not pollinated .water it a little daily until it gets bigger then increase the water.

    Don't let it get dry ,this will encourage red spider mite.I give mine a daily misting over with a sprayer.your cheep  B m bargain store sells little sprayers for 45p.

    When the flowers start to form spray into them ,like you do with the tomato flowers .it sets the fruits.  Wait until you see the centre forming into fruits.

    Now is the time to feed with a tomato food. As the plant grows you may need to repot to the next size.

    Some gardeners nip off the top leaves of the main stem to help it Bush out.

    You may need to use sticks for supporting.

    NEXT YEAR START IN FEBRUARY!  As artjak does. Or buy as small plants 99p I think from B&Q 

    I myself cheat and buy jumbo plant plugs from jersy to pot on , 

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