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shazzza1shazzza1 Posts: 14

need some advice please,in my boarder i noticed the lavender had gone all sort of black from the soil so i pulled it out, an all thesoil surounding all the plants around are the same, some of my plants should be in flower but they look like they are dying i fed 1a week and watered alot whot is happening.


  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Central Norfolk UKPosts: 81,422

    Oh dear, that sounds sad image

    Do I take it you're in the UK?  I'll answer as if you are ....

    I think maybe you've been too kind to your plants.  Lavenders like a well-drained gritty soil, and what with the awful weather we've been having, plus your watering it, you may have drowned the roots (even roots need oxygen).  And plants rarely need feeding once a week if planted in the open ground - they've had too much tlc.  

    The sunshine we're getting now might improve things for them - don't water and don't feed - actually a little benign neglect at the moment might be good - and see if they look better in a week or two.

    What sort of plants have you got?

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  • I agree with Dovefromabove.  It sounds like you have fed and watered too much and they have caught a fungal disease.  It's now a week since your last post.  Did you stop watering?  Give it a week or two more and let us know how things are progressing.  Good luck!

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