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Help with Roses and Fuschias









I hope someone can help me. I have attached imaged of several rose plants in my garden and a fuschia bush which both have problems:


1. The roses are growing stems with no buds or leaves?

2. Another rose bush has grown and flowered in part and not on the other.

3. Of the 8 rose bushes I have they all have the leaf problem.

4. They have all been purchased from a reputable nursery and has never happened in previous years.

5. Fuschia bush is budding but the pubs are failing to open?

can anyone suggest what is happening?

many thanks


  • Flora rosaFlora rosa Posts: 262

    Hi TB2 , yes black spot, as you probably know and looks like fuschia rust. I'm afraid best to cut back to ground on your roses as it's nearly autumn and cut out to a healthy point of the fuschia. I spray with a weak sulphur spray on my roses which is working, so try and get some for next spring, keep spraying and spray round the ground Too. Pick up and pick off any leaves that show diseases next year As soon as you see them. As for the fuschia, I had this early spring but I trimmed each shoot affected, to a clean bud/leaf node and they've come on fine for the rest of the year.

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