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clematis cuttings

for the last 5 years I have tried to take cutting of my beautiful deep red clematis called Rebecca.I have followed instructions from various books and still fail.!!!When ever I have taken cutting of other types of plants I have nearly always succeeded so I need some tips for clematis cuttings PLEASE


  • Take a current season's shoot, cutting above a leaf joint. It should be about 3' long. Divide the shoot into cuttings with a knife. The top of each cutting should be immediately above a leaf joint, the bottom a couple of inches below the joint. Dip it in rooting powder.Put several cutting around a small pot filled with a half-and-half mix of compost and grit. The leaf joint (only leave one leaf on) should be level with the surface. Cover with a clear plastic bag after watering. They should root in a few weeks. However, I find that I lose cuttings all the time,too. Layering is said to work. The only cuttings I've had success with are semi-ripe ones with a heel from more woody clematis. If the 'official' method works, please send me your tips!!.


  • Matty2Matty2 Posts: 4,817

    i have grown clematis cuttings the 'official' way. In fact just taken some from my next door neighbours shrubby one. I usually have about 50% success rate. I find not too wet, little bit of neglect - not intentional - can work. Good luck

    First started taking the cuttings after an article in GW magazine June 1999 - still have this mag useful to refer to - Part of a Back to Basics series they were running.

  • Kathy 2Kathy 2 Posts: 122

    Thanks Gardening Grandma - I will now have a go at my "Forever Friends" and "Niobe". I will also have a go at my daughter's pale lilac one - such a pretty colour but she doesn't know the name. (it was there when she bought the house)

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