Pruning a neglected cherry tree

We inherited a cherry tree when we moved here but it, as was the rest of the garden, sorely neglected. I have pruned the apple tree but have no idea how to do the cherry. The only thing I know is to do it in the summer.

I dont know what type it is either other than it's fruiting now and the birds have had most of it image

Can anyone please point me to a website that demonstrates how to do it then I can follow the pictures image


  • sotongeoffsotongeoff Posts: 9,806

    Try this-no doubt others will relate personal experiences

  • Thank you sotongeoff, I will have to print the picture and take it out with me! OH reckons it's not a morello, so I will prune as a sweet cherry.

  • I have a year old cherry tree too that I haven't done anything to yet.  It has been growing in a pot on my patio until now & although it blossomed it produced just 2 cherries.  We are soon to transfer it to the garden so that it has a bigger space for it's roots & thanks soton geoff as I shall use your info when I try my hand at pruning it.

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