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Jelly Palms (Butia Capitata) - anyone any experience?

dannysondannyson Posts: 58

Read conflicting reviews - hardy to -10 ..... only hardy to 0 degrees? - a bit like canary island date palms (canarensis) - only down to 10 degrees?? - not minus 10 just 10 degrees - what nonsense - I managed to keep the growing tip going in minus 5 with minimum wrap....

Anyway .... now live near Newquay, Cornwall (not Hertfordshire as before) - and just purchased two Capitata - stunning looking palms - just hope they can put up with the salty sandy winds (just 15 minute walk to the Ocean) - and maybe a chilly winter? - Ive found wrapping can cause more harm.... the growing tip remains wet and cold for too long ... never gets the chance to 'dry out' - and too late when spring comes around, any hooo .... any hands on knowledge much appreciated!


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