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Chocolate Cosmos

tamplumtamplum Posts: 1


I am a new 'gardener' and have proudly kept my chocolate cosmos alive for a whole 6 weeks. I dead-head it and it continues to flower. However, I have noticed that the plant does not look too healthy and the leaves at the centre of the plant are brown and shrivelled. Am I under / over watering? Does it need a bigger pot?


Many thanks



  • Bump. Someone will know.

  • ElusiveElusive Posts: 992

    The leaves at the centre of the plant may just be old and the upper leaves will probably block out sunlight to them.

    It could be erratic watering, usually letting the plant dry out causes leaves to go brown and shrivel.

    Could you post a pic? I could probably diagnose it better then.

    I grow chocolate cosmos in the ground and flowers right up until November

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