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Victoria Plum

I planted my Victoria plum 2 years ago it has grown and got plenty of foliage but it hasn't produced any flowers or fruit.

I don't know how to prune it have fed it with sulphate potash.

Can anyone advise me what to do. Thanks


  • steephillsteephill Posts: 2,064

    This web site has some useful info

    Plum trees will begin fruiting at around 4 or 5 years old so you may have a bit of a wait yet.

  • paull2paull2 Posts: 93

    This should be fruiting after say 4 years as has been said.Victorias are normally hardy, reliable and prolific, given that cold nasty weather doesn't upset pollination too much in the Spring. Was your tree quite a junior 'stick' with a root ball when planted (ie supermarket size) or more substantial pot grown? Has it been growing well since or struggling? Poor drainage, shade or undernourishment can hinder growth and it will not fruit significantly if it's not happy. Otherwise have a little patience, perhaps. It should come into its own before long.

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