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Advice for planting under a purple leafed plum tree

Please could I have some planting ideas for underneath my Purple leafed plum tree (Prunus Cerasifera Nigra) as I removed the Hebe that was growing to the left of it as it got too large and straggly. The space is between the tree and a Weigela.

I have the following plants in pots which were dug up from a flower bed that we lost as we had an extension build. This bed was in full sun so I am not sure how they will fair in a shady area.

Alchemilla Mollis (Lady's Mantle)

Anemone Honorine Jobert - Could this go at the back against the fence?

Geum Chiloense Mrs J Bradshaw

Geum Lional Cox

Heuchera Bressingham Hybrids

Heuchera Firefly

Ophiopogon Planiscapus

Ophiopogon Planiscapus Nigrescens

I have clay soil and as the ground is soft at the moment due to all the rain it seems the ideal time to plant up this bed.

The area to the right of the tree has the following planted in it

Heuchera Amethyst Mist or Plum Pudding - I can’t remember which it is

Ophiopogon Planiscapus

Ophiopogon Planiscapus Nigrescens

Physalis (Chinese Lantern)

Pinks – Not sure what sort and don’t do that well

Potentilla Aurea – which isn’t doing that well

Pulmonaria (Lungwort) – which self-seeded in my garden

Stachys Officinalis (Betony)

Alchemilla Mollis (Lady's Mantle) - which I planted there two days ago

This area under the tree looks very flat and lacks colour and I would like to have some tall plants at the back to hide the fence. I would appreciate advice on how to use my existing plants and any ideas for new plants to add to this area please.








  • Lupin 1Lupin 1 Posts: 8,916

    Bumped back up for some help image

  • Thanks Kef, I think I made my post too long.

    What I really want to know is if the plants I listed will do okay in the shade of a tree and flower as well.

    Plus any ideas for any other plants to plant amongst them particularly to hide the fence.

  • The Heucheras should do OK, also Pulmonaria. Your tree is very close to the fence, you do know it will get much, much bigger? I wouldn't put the Japanese anemone or the Alchemilla in such a small space, they are too rampant.

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