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Hi again, im tring to understand ,the allotment was covered in field grass and weeds 2 feet high when i started, to start the work i removed all the turf and was told to pile it upside down in a huge heap cover with a heavy tarpolin and leave it they said it would turn to loam  no1 what is loam and how do i use it i will have about 10 ton next year if it all goes to plan,now when i checked it today i was amazed to find it so dry i imagined it would be all smelly and wet it wasnt, should i hose it or is the natural heat doing its job and how long do i leave it




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    Simply put- loam is just good quality soil-I expect someone will come up with a technical reason why it is called loam- just incorporate it into your allotment soil-if you have too much do a swap with other allotment holders.

    You leave it until the turfs have rotted down-you will know when it is ready

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    Loam should form a soft crumbly soil. You could use it as compost (through it may have weed seeds in it). John Innes compost is loam-based (and therefore high quality).

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    once again many thanks gents should have some good stuff next  year cheers again 

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