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Talkback: Five ways to eradicate weeds

Another good way of getting rid of bindweed is to unwind it from the plants it is strangling and shove the whole bindweed into a plastic bag, then spray into the bag, shake it around and spray again. Tie it tightly and just leave it in place. Not very pretty, but you can hide it under some leaves. This is very effective and not too time consuming. It's also safe for the surrounding plants.


  • TootlesTootles Posts: 1,469

    What a fab idea. Thanks Wendy.

  • siovonsiovon Posts: 1
    We inherited an awful mess for a front garden and have decided to lay it to gravel with a small border. I know to put membrane down prior to gravel to prevent weeds but how do I get rid of the weeds (such as bind weed, bramble, cow parsley, dandelion etc) first? The area is quite large. Can I spray the whole area with glycosphate? I dont like using chemicals and have always pulled weeds up, but I am unable to do this on this scale now because of health. I want to be able to plant lillies and hydrangea and a couple of flowering trees in the border, once gravel is down. How long would I need to leave it if using glycosphate, before planting? Any help very much appreciated
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