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Weed suppression

Keeping weeds under control can be a pain! In my large garden I have tried using gravel on paths – some with weed control fabric below the gravel, some without. Even using 2 inches of gravel I've found that after a couple of years the weeds pop up through the fabric and gravel. Has anyone else found this problem and how did they solve it?


  • ObelixxObelixx Vendée, Western FrancePosts: 22,233

    I find the weeds seed into the gravel or chippe dbark and then their roots penetrated the fabric.  The trick is to pull or hoe them before they get a hold or to do an annual spring sprayof glyphosate based weedkiller to clear them when they are in full growth and will send the poison down to their roots most effectively.   

    However weedkiller at edgeso f beds can be problematical and is never any good near water so, when  I can, I send OH out to clear up the path and terrace weeds.   He's good at mundane tasks and at least if he sticks to clearing the paths he isn't adding my precious treasures to the compost heap.   Nasty tendency to blitz weed beds too!

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  • Anne ...much depends on whether you cleared the area of all perennial weeds before you laid the membrane.  If you left any in the ground, they will eventually push through.  There are also various grades of weed suppressant fabrics......the very thin ones are not really worth the effort.

    Annual weeds will seed happily in the gravel......if possible whip them up before they get their roots down into the membrane when it will be more difficult and you risk tearing the fabricimage

  • AnneMcNAnneMcN Posts: 3

    Thanks to both respondents.

    I only use the heaviest grade of weed control fabric (guaranteed 10 years) and cleared the ground with weedkiller before laying the fabric. I do try and weedkill in spring and autumn but can't always manage it everywhere in my 0.69 of an acre garden. Probably the answer is that, if I can afford it at the appropriate time – and find someone who will do the work, to employ a gardener!

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