Taking a cutting from Honeysuckle

We're looking to redevelope an area of the garden and at the moment it have a fairly large Honeysuckle growing through it among other things. The area is riddled with ivy and weeds. We're looking to start the area from stratch but I don't want to lose the Honeysuckle. Any advice would be great. James follow our blog: gardeningmyway.wordpress.com/


  • PalaisglidePalaisglide Posts: 3,138

    You need three to four inch stem sections and push them into a mix of compost and sand then put in a sheltered place to root, pot on when well rooted. It is often a good idea to sink the pots, they seem to do better.
    Those should be taken in July-August. or take 9 inch hard wood cuttings in September October and push them into a nursery bed leave those for a year then replant them where you want them to grow.
    When cutting the stem or woody sections make sure you know which is top and bottom and push them into the bed or pot right way up.


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