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Talkback: Ragwort

kaycurtiskaycurtis Posts: 111
I find Dandilions a particular nuisance weed, people say oh! they are good for bees, I personally have never seen a bee near them, in fact the whole country is clogged up with dandilions as year on year left uncontroled they are taking over not only spare earth but grow up between plants, making it now practically impossible to remove.


  • WelshonionWelshonion Posts: 3,114

    I don't know who Richard Jones the author of the article is but he seems to skate over the damage Ragwort can do.  It appears to have unfettered freedom to grow on roadsides.

    It is a notafiable weed.  It must not - but is - be allowed to seed on to neighbouring land.

    The real damage it does to ALL grazing animals is through being eaten in hay or silage, where it is palatable.

    It causes irreversable internal damage and causes death to grazing animals.

    If you are pulling it up on your land or anywhere else, wear gloves, do not handle it, do not put it in council green waste - burn it - and wash your hands thoroughly before handling food.



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