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  • ....and ...regarding the penstemons....i bought an offer last year but they are not flowering. I have bought the offer this year, last month i think, not received yet.

    Do they need to be pinched out to flower?

    Some of the offers have to be purchased by post, I have noted before, that if you buy other plants [not on offer] the offers may/will be displayed. Have to spend £10 or more.

  • JollylilJollylil Posts: 2

    Many thanks Sotongeoff,

    i shall see how they go , i will wait for the summer that we are promised this weekend(Ha Ha !! )

  • Regarding penstemons, apparently they need good light and high potassium feed to make buds. Have moved to better area and fed tomato food for now, until I go out.

    The weather is gorgeous today so have done wayy tooo much in the garden. Need to lie down now !!

    Regarding geraniums - keep them, in pots somewhere dry. They may grow on well next spring. May as well keep them, nothing lost by that.

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