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  • summerpotssummerpots Posts: 51

    I dug up about 3lb of potatoes today and I didnt even intend to grow them.. the peelings in the compost sprouted and grew, I just transplanted them somewhere else in my beds and they have grown but I was fed up with all the leaves taking up space so I cut them down and found the spuds... I havent fed them anything either.  they just grew on their own from peelings.  I have cooked them for a potato salad tomorrow, and at least two of them were as big as baking spuds.  As for feeding the rest of my veggies they get it if I remember and we always get a good crop... so far so good.

  • summerpotssummerpots Posts: 51

    p.s.  I dont know what I am doing either - we are 2nd year rookies and need as much help as possible.,  Did you see Monty Don tonight on Gardeners World.. even he  had rotten crops with his potatoes and carrots this year.

  • my first crop of potatoes was the best.just put them in,and watered them and they were brilliant.never did anything to the soil!this year has been the worst ever.frost,cold,wet,everything thrown at them.the ones in bags are o.k. but the ones in the ground..i dont think theyve grown more than a few inches!i dont know whats happened.dug around,and theyre o.k. just very very tiny spuds.i think this year is the worst for fruit and veg!


  • Lynne22Lynne22 Posts: 12

    I agree with you Claire.  I dug some earlies up the other day and there were about 3 tiny potatoes on each plant.  My beans and courgettes are suffering too!

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