Anemone nemorosa (wood anemone)

Hi, id like to grow an area of wood anemone so was pleased when spotted chiltern doing their seeds. However read elsewhere that they are slow to spread as poor self seeders.  Hence concerned as a novice seeder I may struggle to grow.  Tempted to buy some small plants too 



  • (Sorry IT playing up- froze-had to post what I'd written so far to avoid losing it.) has anyone got any experience of growing from seed?  I have a greenhouse so hoping I can get them going better than self seeding success rate???

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    nemerosa for me was slow slow slow-for a couple of years it seemed to have not made it-then good god almighty it decided to choke out everything else in the garden. my advice would be to put it someplace where times will be tuf-its very pretty but very thuggish,

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    Hi Snoodle. They're cold germinators.Sow them cold in winterimage

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    Like all members of that family, the seed has a very short life span. I am not sure that bought seed is going to be viable. Really what you need is fresh seeds from an existing plant. Even then the seed is best taken when still green and sown fresh and left to the weather. Keep moist over Summer and they usually germinate in Spring. Though mine often germinate within days of sowing.

    From fresh seed like that they are very easy. Bit harder to keep them growing on to flowering size though, especially through a hot Summer.


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    I'd forgotten the need for fresh seed there Berghill, I sow everything fresh so it just happens.

    For the trickier ones I often buy a plant and seed on from there. You can buy Anemone nemorosa in spring from places like Potterton's Nursery Snoodle.

  • Thanks guys.  That's made it clear. Will buy a few plants to get going and then try the seed from there.  Much appreciated.

  • Great tip re pottertons, Nut.  Just looked and impressed with range! Cheers. 

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    Lovely place to visit tooimage

    A long way thoughimage

  • Well good to know if I'm ever in the area.....

    now planning my Daffodil and bluebell order as well as the anemones.....

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    Where are you getting your daffs and bluebells from Snoodle. I want some more bulbs. I'd like something scented for early flowering in the cold GH.

    Maybe I'll start a thread for suggestionsimage

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