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Bought a bag of 25 Crocus bulbs from Home Bargains today for 99p. They are a flower I've never had and wanted some colour for that very beginning of spring having only got Snowdrops right now. I'm assuming they are a simple 'shove them in the ground and wait' kind of bulb? Any special considerations? Looking forward to next spring already image



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    Nice well drained soil for preference Fishyimage

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    Put them close together because they are tiny, I grow them in window boxes. But put them in the ground close and they will be fine. Put them close to the house so you can see them, you dont want to go out in the snow go see them!

    Gardening on the wild, windy west side of Dartmoor. 
  • Fishy65Fishy65 Posts: 2,017

    Nut and Lyn - many thanks. I think I have just the spot image I've wanted some for a while now,every time I walk past other people's gardens in late winter/early spring.

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    Wish we could grow them, I love Crocus. In our previous garden I had thousands and a lot of the species too, expensive some of them. Here? Mouse fodder!. Plant them and then in Spring you find a tuft of leaves, but no corm underneath. Lost almost all the  ones we have ever planted, except C thomasinianus which breeds rapidly and just about keeps up with the mice.

    And yes I have tried planting them in baskets and all the other suggestions too, no difference, they get eaten.

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    I have mine in pots Fishy, planted closer together than it says on the planting instructions. I have them with daffs and tulips so I get flowers for a good couple of months and the pots are currently in the 'nursery' area waiting to bring out again in spring image
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    I think I shall get some for pots this year, I lose mine. I may weed them out or lose them to mice and voles but they never multiply except for the tomasinianus in the lawn, They're safe but don't multiply much

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    Ah yes, nut has reminded me, that's another good point.....if you put them in the ground make sure you mark where, I have already dug up several snowdrop and daffy bulbs.....oopsy!! image

    I love my spring pots, only did them for the first time last year.
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    I think I'll have some in my newly cleaned out GH  which doubles as a conservatory. image

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    Squirrels eat mine. Next door neighbour planted 1000 all the way up his drive. 2 came up. I'll stick to snowdrops.

    It's not a mess, it's a nature reserve.
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    I hadn't even thought about putting them indoors, I've just ordered some so may well do an indoor pot image

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