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Some time ago I bought a pack which contained seeds for 6 different varieties of Lavender (Blue River, Stoechas, Hidcote, Oregano scented, Munstead Blue & Dwarf Mixed). The pack advises to place in the fridge for 2-3 weeks and then sow between January and April. as I was so busy with so much else in the garden, the lavender sadly got forgotten. I'll sow a few of each and hope for the best, keeping indoors/protected over winter if needs be. However, for best results, shall I leave the seed packs in the fridge until next January and sow as directed then, or leave them somewhere dark and cool (but not the fridge) until sowing or until putting into the fridge again for another 2-3 weeks next Jan? Do they need to be sown after this cold period, or will they be ok after a less cold period, will they be damaged if left for an extended cold period? Just not sure and would appreciate some advice.



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    I've never grown lavender from seed, as cuttings root very easily.   Can you not beg a few snippings from friends and neighbours?

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    I have not grown lavender from seed on purpose, but it has self seeded in our garden, in the gravel path,  so that sowing must have happened in autumn when the seeds fall. They would then have sat in the gravel over winter and then begun to grow come spring - so I'm not quite sure why the instructions the pack gave were as they are - it's not what nature has done here.  Maybe sowing them into a seed tray and keeping out in the open, sheltered maybe, under a hedge or something,  as you do with some primroses - this may be the answer? 

  • Hi gardengirl6 how do you take cuttings from lavender ??? please thanks the noviceimage


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    I grow the Oregano scented from seed and have never used the fridge method, I am trying the Hidcote this year and I have germinated them on the window sill but they are very slow going.

  • Hi All,

    Many thanks for your comments. Is it worth giving some a try now or shall i leave it until early next year?

  • I've grown munstead from seed and as far as I can remember, I started them in summer in seed trays in the greenhouse, then potted the seedlings up into 3" pots and kept them over winter in a cold frame. The following spring they were potted on again and made decent plants.  The problem with seed is that the resulting plants are all different sizes and shapes but they're all flowering.....all 50 of them!

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    Andrew,I don't know what the 'professional' method is, but I just snip a few cuttings off, dip them in rooting powder and put them in a pot, around the edge.   My favourite one is Hidcote, as I love its deep purply colour.

  • thank you all for your advice and comments- i really do value you having taken the time to share your knowledge.

    I too had grown a few lavender plants from cuttings, so far as i can recall, take a cutting about 3" (or trim to that length) from a non flowering shoot, try and get a heel, trim a little to tidy and pop into gritty compost. I think i might have used rooting powder, but just because i had some, not essential.

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