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lillies cultivars

hi there a little advice please last year I planted 3 lilly bulbs this year the slugs desicrated them early on so I dug them up to put in a pot for next year and pulled of some of the scales thought id try a little experiment stood the scales in a little compost not expecting much to come of them and low and behold I have some tiny new shoots coming up on a couple can any body advice me how to care for these tiny shoots over the winter do I bring them in or leave them out side repot them or what thanks for reading looking forward for the advice



  • artjakartjak Posts: 4,167

    holmes, are you sure it was slugs and not the lily beetle? Today I have composted some spectacular (and rather too flashy for my garden) lily bulbs as am so fed up with the depredations of the lily beetle. I could combat it with Provado, but have been told that since Provado is systemic, the bees that go for the pollen and nectar will be poisoned by the pesticide.image

  • Slugs got a lot of mine too, my sympathy! I would put them somewhere frost free over winter, and they should grow quite happily next year. Don't over water them while they are dormant. You can pot them up into bigger pots in the early spring. It will probably take a couple of years to get them to flowering size.
  • is quite easy to propagate Lillies from scales but they will take a few years to reach flowering size.  Best to pot them on ( don't overpot ) using a free draining compost and keep them in cold g/h or frame.  Just treat them as you would any cutting....i.e pot on when necessary but don't overwater.  Eventually they will form a bulb which you can then grow on in pots until they reach a decent size.

    As a PS to AJac's post.......I believe Provado is best used in early Spring allowing at least 2 or 3 months before the plant flowers.  That way it will have done the biz and will not be drawn up to poison any insects going for the flowers.  I THINK that is correct but you should check it out before using I thinkimage

  • thanks for all the advice I should really get some vermiculite to mix with the compost first and yes I am sure it was slugs I kept a watch for lilly beatle and got three off my other lillies that where growing in pots the poor lillies in the garden didn`t stand a chance they only got too about 2 cm before the slugs started on them the picture looked lovely but unfortuneately I did`i get to see them flower ive never heard of proado but don't like chemicals as we have a dog and granddad children that use the garden and I wouldn`t like to affect the hedgehog and froms/toads running round

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