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Small front bit taking up grass, planting conifers

I have a bit of garden by the front gate, south east facing, wall behind it, but quite exposed to west wind, currently poor quality grass.  

I am planning to take out the grass, plant conifers in a layered fashion, different colours and shapes, and i am sold on a climbing rose for the wall behind, Pauls Himalayan Musk.  All with bark chips or gravel so low maintenance (is there such a thing?)

First - should kill off the grass now, or do i have to dig out dead grass same as live, so might as well just dig? should i leave the grass and dig a circle for the plants?  am quite lazy, so advice here would be good! 

Conifers,should i just get what looks good in the shop?  I did see a lovely looking one called japanese umbrella pine, but kind of expensive!  I dont have much idea about conifers, but i think they would be just right for that area. 




  • artjakartjak Posts: 4,167

    For small formal shapes, you could consider Hebes as well. Whatever you get check on final height/spread; you don't want to be spending a fortune a few years down the line with a tree surgeonimageimage

  • Nadia2Nadia2 Posts: 40

    I hope you have a very big space for the rose.My Paul's Himalayan Musk wants to take over the world.

  • a1154a1154 Posts: 806

    I saw PHM rose at an open garden and it was stunning.  I wouldn't call it a huge space though, so maybe i should reconsider. 

    Oh hebes are lovely! Didnt think of them actually.

    soil slightly acid so i think Ok. I will look up your suggestions Verdun, thanks.  It is pretty windy everywhere in my garden, so maybe a bit challenging. I wouldnt go for the narrow column ones. 

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