Apple - Mite Problem?




 This dwarf rootstock James Grieve was bought in April this year. It is fruiting well despite the inclement weather in Belfast. But, over the past few weeks the leaves started to curl and go brown with a few dropping.  The underside shows red patches (not the raindrops!) which contain what appear to be red spider mites or eggs. I'm not sure. 

I'd be grateful for advice. If it is in fact a mite infestation, I believe there are predatory mites etc which can be used for control. But where to get these?

Incidentally, I have a standard James Grieve in the garden which is also affected although less severely. 

Thanks for any advice.




  • NetherfieldNetherfield Posts: 120

    I seem to remember on the Radio Leeds gardening programme at the weekend that the Capsid Bug was doing a lot of damage to trees this year.

    Our Plums and Cherry have had a lot of leaf curl on the new growth this season which does seem to be widespread, don't know if this related to your problem or not.

    If you are interested in listening to this it's available for a few days yet.

  • KertbenKertben Posts: 7

    Thanks very much. I'll have a listen to that. Unless I am mistaken, capsid bugs make holes so that the leaves come to resemble bits of lace.

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