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Pretty plants for Privacy

vicvic92vicvic92 Posts: 10

My living room window is very low to the ground - the window ledge is about knee height. There is a very thin patio - all of half a meter, then a flower bed / border and the front lawn. The fence around the garden is only waist height. This means that my neighbours children are always looking in through the window, their balls are also hitting the window and I'm regularly watched if I'm in my garden and they're in their living room, or vice versa. What I would like is to put some plants in this flower bed that would come to about 4.5 - 5ft high to provide a little bit of privacy. Bearing in mind how close to the house this is I don't want anything that's going to have huge roots and cause problems. Ideally I'd like a couple of plants that will be pretty in the spring or summer to add a bit of colour to the garden, is going to last throughout the year to provide constant privacy, and isn't going to become too bushy.


Any suggestions? Ideally I would like something that won't look out of place in a normal garden and I'm not keen on confers. I have a lavender plant and a lilac nearby as well as some kind of Yellow broom plant (not sure which variety) - that may well be removed when I put new plants in.


  • Forester2Forester2 Posts: 1,477

    Is it possible to have a couple pf  photos of the site in question to give forum members an idea of what it looks like now, then hopefully you will get some replies.image

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