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Identify bug?

Can anyone tell me what this is?





  • Sue HighamSue Higham Posts: 85
    It's a soldier beetle - friendly bug. Lots of info on line.

    They're usually in my garden here in Edinburgh but not seen any so far this year ... but then, this year ...Hmmm. ...
  • yarrow2,

    Looks like a Cardinal Beetle - Pyrochroa serraticornis. Harmless, lays eggs in old wood. Likes a sunny day on a flower head.


  • yarrow2yarrow2 Posts: 782

    Sue - hi.  I'm in Edinburgh as well - maybe yours have migrated to my garden!  Thanks for the identification.  I'm getting a lot of these 'soldier beetles' at the moment and haven't really noticed them around before.  They tend to linger on my Ox-eye Daisies.

    Yes 'this year' has been less than predictable other than we seem to just wait for the next batch of showers ' - hasn't been the best one for the non-rain loving plants has it.  A few snatches of sun yesterday and today though but weatherman not optimistic from tomorrow.  Seemed to highlight Wednesday for a big downpour.

    Many thanks for the reply.

  • Sue,

    Hadn't thought of Cantharis rustica - you may be right.


  • However, it's not a bug (Hemiptera) but a beetle (Coleoptera)image

  • yarrow2yarrow2 Posts: 782

    Hi Joe - sorry I hadn't responded to your earlier post - it wasn't up when I was typing in the last reply.  Thanks for taking the trouble to input.  I'm needing to spend some time looking up (especially photos) of bugs and beetles to get more familiar.

  • Beetles have chewing mouth parts, whereas bugs pierce and suck their food through a sort of beak which is held underneath the head of the insect when not in use. Beetles' wing cases meet in a neat line along the back, and the front end of the wing cases forms a straight line across the insect. Bugs' wings are much more varied in appearance.

  • Sue HighamSue Higham Posts: 85
    Thanks, Joe! Sorry if I offended you (and the soldier beetle!) by calling it a bug image

    I usually have battalions of these beetles all over my Astrantia flowers ... which have been very few this year, so that could explain why I don't even have a sentry!
  • Sorry, Sue, didn't mean to appear pedantic. image The problem is that at some stage of being interested in these critters I found it useful to be a be a bit more analytical. Also, I used to get told off by a good friend who was a very skilled entomologist.


  • Sue HighamSue Higham Posts: 85
    You're not being pedantic at all Joe - it's me who's lacking in knowledge! Enjoying being here and learning something new every day - in fact I posted on 'Talkback' to this effect! image
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