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Help - screening shrubs

Hello there, hope someone can help? My neighbours have built an elevated extension . Which I'm trying to screen, I put these in last year (can't remember what they're called eurythous ? Gold) but they don't seem to be doing too well.. Any ideas Out there ? Needs to be reasonably tall but able to withstand not too much Care image I do like these though, but need to see where I'm going wrong perhaps.......






  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Posts: 87,864

    Are they euonymous?   They look ok to me, but they'll not grow tall enough to screen the view of that extension without some support - a trellis or similar.

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  • The plants are probably getting a bit root-bound - the pots look a little small for the size of plants. You could try some small sections of trellis at the back of each pot and then grow some ivy up them? That would give you some more height. Something like this:-

    The pots should be fed regularly, and watered every day, as the pots are exposed all around they will dry out really easily. maybe even give each pot a tray underneath to keep the water from just running straight through.
  • Flora rosaFlora rosa Posts: 262

    Thanks Dove, yes that's the one !!! Yes you're right pp, not watering and feeding it enough I suppose, they're such hard work to do though. May add a trellis inside and grow a little climber through as you suggest . And treat it with a little more tlc Thanks 

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