When should I plant Phlox

I am renovating some old flower beds. I have rescued some phlox plants, split them up and potted them for now. The new beds are dug over and waiting.

 My question is when to plant them. I could look after them over winter and plant in spring, or I could plant them in a few weeks when they have made some root. If I keep them over winter should they be in the GH or left outside in their pots, with a little shelter from the elements?





  • Hi WW I rescued one at the beginning of the year but moved house so it came with me.  Unfortunately the bed is not ready where I want to put it but it was starting to outgrow it's pot.  I've put it in a nursery bed at the moment where it should be okay in the winter but I'm planning on moving mine in early spring before the growth starts.  You should be okay to put it in the bed in the early fall this year as the ground should be still warm enough to encourage root growth before the winter or keep it somewhere sheltered till the spring.

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    Woody - i think you could do either, but i would go for autumn planting.  My logic would be that these are not young fragile plants, but ones that are well acclimatised to the conditions of your garden (they've lived there a whileimage) so they should settle in fine.  If they were young plants from a nursery, i might be tempted to mollycoddle until spring.

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  • Thanks for your advice. I am inclined to think that I should plant as they will have more protection from bad weather there than left in pots outside.  And if it is another mild winter like last year they may establish even better. I have a lot so I could go for belt and braces and keep some in the GH as a reserve.

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    Get them in now , they will have a better chance of establishing even with the recent colder weather, it won't continue so they will have at least a month to settle before the first proper frosts arrive.

  • Thanks. I will dig it over to incorporate some goodness and plant soon. I have some sedum to go with them. Smileys.
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