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Hi my garden is always getting water loged and i cant afford land drains yet so i thought of getting hold of a lot of milk crates and putting then in the ground across the width of yhe garden every so often about a foot below the surface coveref with mesh and an old tshirt on the top yo stop soil getting in the crates.


  • Jean GenieJean Genie Posts: 1,724

    Hi Pash, we had a similar problem when we first moved in to our property  We didn't have a garden then as the builders had just finished and left us with a mud bath ! On inspection we had pockets of heavy clay and did have to put to put a few land drains in after removing as much of the clay as we could. To help matters along we ended up making gravel sumps . A friend of ours got hold of some shomolers ( sorry no idea how to spell that ! )  dug these big square holds and filled them with gravel then replaced the turf .  that did the trick. I don't know about the milk crates  but I'm sure someone else will help.

  • Irene MacIrene Mac Posts: 23
    Hi pash. I'm trying to do a similar thing but hole/trench just fill with water. Need a dry spell! We're not on mains for drainage so had a large soak away in the back garden for rainwater to channel into (also put rainwater tank in to harvest for watering) builder just lined the huge hole with what looked like that weed membrane and wrapped the gravel in a parcel. Thought I would do the same in a channel under my paths. Think that would also stop soil from washing in from sides too. These membranes are supposed to last over twenty five years? Buy on eBay at a reasonable price.

    Think your crates would work fine as know some people who have just dug trenches, half filled them with a load of pea shingle leading to a deeper hole. Good luck
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    That is the word i was thinking of "soakaways"

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