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Dying Acer?

We have a mature Red Japanese Maple which is about 15 feet high. 2 years ago a gardener pruned the tree and ever since is has not flourished.

This year we have noticed that it is losing its leaves prematurely and the upper most branches are dying off.

I'm worrying that it is dying - anyone have any ideas on what to do?


  • Here are some pitcures of the problem tree





    Hi coltbridge7, its not looking too good is it. Was it pruned drastically ? I always thought Acers did not like being pruned but I could be wrong. ( I am sure I will be corrected on this if I am wrong ) My Acers are much smaller than yours , a different sort I think, but they are never pruned. Sorry cant be of much help, hopefully someone will be along soon that knows more than me.
  • Alina WAlina W Posts: 1,445

    It doesn't look at all healthy - which month was it pruned?

    All I can think of doing for it at the moment is removing the dying sections back to healthy tree and giving it a good feed, and water in the unlikely event that it is dry.

    Someone may have better ideas, though.

  • Can't remember which month it was pruned in.

    Should i cut back the dying sections now or wait til winter?

    what's the best feed for an Acer?


    shortage of water is definitely not an issue in Edinburgh this year!

    thanks for the comments

  • Alina WAlina W Posts: 1,445

    I think that I would cut it back now. If it is a fungal infection of some sort, you need to stop it spreading further into the tree. Wait until you get a dry day, though. Feed - just about anything will do, including Growmore.

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