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leek moth

Dear all,

I know that leek moths are around between August and October. I have previously had problems and have protected my leeks with insect mesh. Does anyone know if I need to keep this on all winter or whether I can remove it from November, when the main leek moth invasion is over.




  • bekkie hughesbekkie hughes Posts: 5,294
    Hi Sharon, i would keep it on, you probably dont need to, but i cant see the point in risking it, at the very least i would wait til its frosty image

    Pain in the bum arent they! image
  • I am pretty sure that the moth ceases activity in the winter and that the leeks are safe without protection then. 

  • sharoncsharonc Posts: 5

    Thanks both, and yes, Bekkie, they are a real pain! I might try to remove the protection after a few frosts - the mesh is quite thick and I was worried about light levels.

    All the best,



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