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I was wondering if anyone has managed to successfully carry over a poinsettia from one Christmas to the next.  I have been told that it's difficult to get it back to it's former glory the following year.  I have read that approx 12 weeks before Christmas it should be placed in a dark warm place for no less than 12 hours a day which will encourage it to produce it's bright red bracts ready for Christmas.  My poinsettia is thriving very well so far from last year and I fancy having a go.  Has anyone else successfully done it and if you have, am I on the right track?


  •  my grandfather grew beautiful poinsettia s and my daughter did too! you have to let dry right out and resist the temptation to water and coming into season they need warmth and when you see new leaves (after watering a little not often at all) you need to give them darkness for most of the day until the leaves turn red. I am trying at the moment but I am not good at neglect of watering!image good luck !

  • Thank you flowering rose, I'm very good at letting house plants dry out (maybe that's why it's thriving) but I have just watered it, how long do I let this regime go on for and when do I know it's coming into season?  Sorry for being a little vague.

  • Yes I did it once. Put it in a black bin bag and put it to bed about 6pm into a cupboard. Get it out in the morning. It worked but plant went leggy so didn't bother again.

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    Apparently it has to be absolutely dark - a dark room won't do it - passing car headlights, moonlight etc will stop it colouring up.

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  • well I wish  my grandfather was alive today to tell me, you need put into darkness for I think  a couple of months before you want it to flower,its not easy ,good luck.

  • I have a large airing cupboard which I thought of using, would that be too warm and do I need to feed it at all on this journey into the unknown?

  • I don't think you to feed it until  it is in leaf  and if you leave it in the kitchen on a shelf until you need to put it into darkness and a cupboard would be ok but as lizzie said a black bag is fine.

  • Thanks for all your help guys. 

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