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How to disguise compost bins


As a novice gardener, I am trying to get to grips with my first proper garden. I have just built 3 large compost bins (out of wood), however I would really like to screen them from the rest of the garden with some type of evergreen plant. The bins are approximately waist height, there isn't a lot of room, so the plant can't be too bushy. Ideally it would be lovely to have something that also had flowers (as well as evergreen leaves). The area is part sun/shade and is quite damp (there is a natural pond nearby). Would something like an evergreen buddleia work? Would this give enough coverage? Or does it need more sun? I would appreciate any suggestions.

Thank you!


  • FairygirlFairygirl Posts: 54,350

    Hi Hannah. If you can erect a simple screen of trellis or something similar, you could grow climbers on it. Honeysuckle would do well there - lots of different varieties but you may find it gets a bit rampant for your space - you might need to do a bit pruning and tieing in as it grows, but there are evergreen ones. Shrubs like Cotoneaster would also do the job - there are several evergreen types and they'll take a bit of shade - if it's very wet it might struggle though.  You could try Euonymous which will grow upwards if it's on a fence or wall -  grown for evergreen foliage. Buddleias aren't evergreen and need pruning to get the best from them so it wouldn't be my first choice - they have quite a spread on them too.

    Hope that's a start for you anyway image

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    Winter flowering Jasmine is what I useimage

  • I would use trellis or one of those troughs with trellis behind it. Can you post a photo so we can get a bit more of an idea of the location?

  • Many thanks for your time and thoughts!
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