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growing an apple or pear pyramid

I fancied having a go at growing a pyramid tree, either apple or pear, or maybe both. I've seen a few recently and think they look superb. A very elegant and I imagine efficient form for ripening the fruit, thereby producing great flavor.

I have a 6m wide space and would ideally like to plant 3 trees (2m for each)

Anyway, I have a few questions I need a bit of advice on:

1) As they are a restricted form and I'll like a large tree, which would be a good rootstock to go for (apple and pear.) I would imagine m26 and QC being the obvious ones, but how about m106 and QA?

2) Are there any particular traits I should be looking for when choosing a variety? I imagine free-spurring as opposed to a tip bearer.

3) Any recommended varieties I should consider?

4) Should I start with a one year old maiden or should I think try and adapt another form?




  • BizzieBBizzieB Posts: 885

     Hi seneca, although my experience is with espalier apples  I went to local suppliers for advice on type, position, planting etc., before  buying and checked out garden centres to see how they actually grew (had restricted space in an east facing position).

    Out of interest I checked on the search site here (top of the page) and found  several threads for pyramid growing. The rhs site was recommended for specific information and know that they also recommend growers and suppliers which you may have in your area.

    Hope this helps.  I'm sure others will pick up on your question.

    Good luck, look forward to photos of your pyramid tree image 

  • senecaseneca Posts: 8

    Thanks for the encouragement BizzieB. Your espaliers sound interesting, which varieties and rootstocks did you chose and how have they performed. Espaliers look great, but I've often thought what if one of the branches/arms does not form as the shape requires. It would spoil the overall form wouldn't it? I imagine fan growing would make hiding problems and mistakes a bit easier. I would also have to consider a suitable support structure eg. posts and wires, as my existing fence is not strong enough. How do you support yours?


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