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cherry tree problem

i have a cherry tree that blossom and fruits no problem but when fruit is red and about half ready all the cherries drop off and never produces fully ripe fruit


  • I have one like this maybe an ornamental cherry?

  • Mine never even get that far as the pigeons eat them before they even start changing colour!  Usually the day before I plan to net them, too! image

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  • Fruits falling off can be caused by lack of key nutrients or water. Cherry loves damp conditions. I would add a tomato feed when the fruits are on the tree to help give the tree the necessary nutrients: without looking it up I think it needs more Nitrogen, Potassium and Magnesium when fruiting.

  • same problem here stocky2 the fruits look great then turn brown and drop off and the Blackbirds demolish anything which does survive Our local agricultural college said the problem was climatic so it could be that what blairs says is worth a go.Perhaps we should see how it goes and get back to this about September time? thanks blairs, will try what you suggest, image

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